DGSF Zeus is our herd sire. He is a gentle boy and is verified A2A2, non-PHA, non-chondro, and heteropolled. Any calves born on our farm this year are from Zeus.

His Progeny:

Records gathered for progeny off of our farm:

War Pony Black Bonnie 03/09/2019

War Pony Buddy Sue 08/30/2019

War Pony White Dancer  10/27/2019

War Pony White Star  11/6/2019

War Pony Warrior Z 11/28/2019

War Pony White Cloud 12/01/2019

War Pony Black Abbie  12/2/2019

War Pony White Autumn 12/9/2019

War Pony Black Ivy BBSH 01/01/2020

War Pony White Fionna  04/09/2020

Bar None's Riley 04/12/2020

War Pony Ebony BBSP  04/17/20

War Pony White Gem  04/25/2020

Bar None's Rusty 05/28/2020

Bar None's Reggie 06/07/2020

War Pony White Hawk 06/22/2020

WF Farms Zeke's Blessing 09/14/2020


Since coming to our farm:

Twice Blessed Serendipity  08/31/2020

Twice Blessed Eliza  09/02/20

White Dexter black bull calf  09/14/2020

Twice Blessed Ares 10/09/2020

Twice Blessed Harlequin (Harley) 10/28/2020

Stillborn White Dexter calf  12/08/2020

White Dexter black bull calf 12/17/2020

White Dexter black bull calf 12/28/2020

White Dexter black bull calf  02/02/2021

Twice Blessed Apollo 02/03/2021

Twice Blessed Grace 03/14/2021



Triple 4 Farm Bruin is our second herd sire. He has an amazing disposition. He was recently tested and confirmed A2A2, non-PHA, non-chondro, and homopolled.

His Progeny:

Phase 2 Fiona BBSP 05/06/2020