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These gorgeous creatures joined our farm two years ago, and we are so blessed to be part of this journey.

New breeds are created from old breeds through a process of careful, selective breeding. Genetically, these cattle are 96%+ Dexter. White Dexters were developed through a process utilizing a progression of generations, breeding to a registered purebred Dexter in each generation, selecting for the white offspring. In 1999, a White Park bull was bred to 10 registered black Dexters. The result of the 1st generation is 50% Dexter/50% White Park; in the 2nd generation 75% Dexter/25% White Park; in the 3rd generation 87.5% Dexter/12.5% White Park; in the 4th generation 93.75% Dexter/6.25% White Park; and by the 5th generation 96.875% Dexter, white with black points. 

Scientific upgrades are recognized after 6 generations; therefore, the White Dexters were introduced to the public in 2014. Their pedigree certificates are issued through the WDCR not the ADCA or PDCA. 


Today, White Dexters have all of the versatility of our current Dexters as well as visual appeal! The polled gene has also been introduced recently. This breed has so much to offer your farm or homestead.


Our goal as a breeder is to not just introduce you to the White Dexter, but to introduce you to THE BEST White Dexters. Our breeding program consists of WDCR White Dexter bulls bred to quality ADCA Dexter cows. The result is an increase in genetic diversity into the White Dexter breed, retaining a consistent breeding program keeping the true feet, legs, and udders conformation of the Dexter breed, selecting for white offspring.

Beware of purchasing a white bull, cow, or heifer that has black/red points but it is not registered in WDCR registry. The White Dexter name was trademarked, and no other breeder should legally use the name.

Join us on our journey with these gorgeous animals! If we do not have any listed as available, please contact us for what's coming up!

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