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Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Orange Vinegar Cleaner

SKU: 364215376135199

16 oz (1 pint) home-made vinegar cleaner with orange oil. Has multiple uses around the house.


1) Clean with only 2 natural ingredients! Use in bathrooms, kitchens, on floors. 

2) Vinegar is also a common natural remedy to get rid of ants and so is orange oil. 

3) Many people have used a  vinegar hair rinse for years to condition and soften hair. It can be used in place of conditioner and helps eliminate buildup from hair.

4) Orange Vinegar salad dressing:

    - Combine equal parts orange vinegar and oil of your choice 

    - Add salt and pepper.

    - Whisk tuntil well combined.



  • Ingredients

    Organic vinegar, orange oil

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