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Grass-fed Lamb

Grass-fed Lamb

Our lambs are raised with grass-fed, organic practices. Our lamb is sold by the half or whole. Prices are calculated at hanging weight plus processing fee. $10.50 a pound for a half and $10 per pound for a whole lamb. Lamb is cut to chosen specifications below:


1) Loin - Roast or chops

2) Ribs - Chops or whole rack

3) Shoulder - Boneless roast, bone-in roast, kabobs, or chops

4) Leg - Boneless roast, bone-in roast, kabobs, or chops

5) Trim - Stew meat or ground

6)) Shanks will be returned


We tend to send our lambs around 150 lbs finished on grass. Hanging weight is about 75 lbs lbs, Finished packaging for a whole will be approximately 55.


Half = approximately 25 lb of meat $260 (+processing fee)

Whole = approximately 55 lb meat $550 (+processing fee)


Reservations are taken. We don't require a deposit, just your word.


Fall reservations are being taken now. The next reservations we have available will be approximately May 2024.


Pickup at farm only.



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