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Dexter Beef

Dexter Beef

Our dexters are raised with grass-fed, organic practices. Dexter beef is naturally tender and lean due to their short stature. Our beef is sold by the quarter, half, or whole. Prices are calculated at hanging weight. $7 a pound for a quarter, $6.50 a pound for half, or $6 per pound for a whole beef. Beef is cut to chosen specifications below:


1) Prime rib, ribeye, or hamburger

2) Chuck roast or hamburger

3) Arm roast or hamburger

4) Briskey - half, whole, or hamburger

5) T-bone, NY strip/filet, or hamburger

6) Rump roast or hamburger

7) Sirloin tip roast or hamburger

8) Sirloin or hamburger

9) Cube steak (yes or no)

10) Stew meat (yes or no)

11) Flank steak, fajita, or hamburger

12) Skirt steak, fajita, or hamburger

13) Do you want organ meats returned?

14) Do you want soup bones returned?

15) Shanks, short ribs, and oxtail will be returned


We tend to send our steers between 20 and 24 months finished on grass. Hanging weight is between 300 and 400 lbs, Finished packaging for a whole will be approximately 225.


Quarter = approximately 60 lb of meat $700

Half = approximately 110 lb of meat $1,300

Whole = approximately 220 lb meat $2,400


Reservations are taken. We don't require a deposit, just your word.


Our Summer and Fall reservations are full. The next reservations we have available will be May 2024.



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