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DGSF Zeus was our first White Dexter herd sire. He is a gentle boy and is verified A2A2, non-PHA, non-chondro, and heteropolled. Any White Dexter calves born on our farm 2020, 2021, and a portion of 2022 were from Zeus.  All of his calves have had incredibly straight back lines and absolutely perfect dispositions.


Progeny can be found below

Records gathered for progeny off of our farm:

War Pony Black Bonnie 03/09/2019

War Pony Buddy Sue 08/30/2019

War Pony White Dancer  10/27/2019

War Pony White Star  11/6/2019

War Pony Warrior Z 11/28/2019

War Pony White Cloud 12/01/2019

War Pony Black Abbie  12/2/2019

War Pony White Autumn 12/9/2019

War Pony Muffin 12/09/2019

War Pony Lolly BBSP 12/28/2019

War Pony Black Ivy BBSH 01/01/2020

War Pony White Fionna  04/09/2020

Bar None's Riley 04/12/2020

War Pony Ebony BBSP  04/17/20

War Pony White Gem  04/25/2020

Bar None's Rusty 05/28/2020

Bar None's Reggie 06/07/2020

War Pony White Hawk 06/22/2020

War Pony Red Rose RBSP 07/30/2020

SBF Daisy Mae Pure Joy 08/17/2020

Heart Rock Ranch Zimone 09/11/2020

WF Farms Zeke's Blessing 09/14/2020

War Pony Little Dipper 04/06/2021

Since coming to our farm:

Twice Blessed Serendipity (Sara) 08/31/2020

Twice Blessed Eliza  09/02/20

White Dexter black bull calf  09/14/2020

Twice Blessed Ares 10/09/2020

Twice Blessed Harlequin (Harley) 10/28/2020

White Dexter black bull calf 12/17/2020

White Dexter black bull calf 12/28/2020

White Dexter black bull calf  02/02/2021

Twice Blessed Apollo 02/03/2021

Twice Blessed Grace 03/14/2021

Twice Blessed Satin 04/07/2021

Twice Blessed Afternoon Delight (DeeDee) 06/18/2021

Twice Blessed Delilah 07/04/2021

Stew 07/04/2021

Twice Blessed Luna 07/07/2021

Jack 07/26/2021

Twice Blessed Groucho 08/13/2021

Twice Blessed Cocoa 10/10/2021

Twice Blessed Blaze 11/04/2021

Twice Blessed Bourbon 11/21/2021

Twice Blessed Jasper 11/22/2021

Twice Blessed Second Chance 12/02/2021

Twice Blessed Promise 12/07/2021

Sir Loin 12/12/2021

Twice Blessed Casper 01/26/2022

Twice Blessed Holly 02/15/2022

Twice Blessed Reese 02/26/2022

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