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Welcome to a Real Farmhouse

Farmhouse decor glamorizes farm life. A real farmhouse is not perfectly shiplapped walls, decorated crafty mason jars, and everything painted white. In fact, most of the time it's covered in mud and sand, dirty boots at the door, recently born animals brought in, babies in brooders in ANY number of rooms, dirty feeders and waterers in the kitchen sink, bags of milk replacers in the kitchen, and if you have free-range chickens, chicken poop EVERYWHERE. They literally have 115 acres, and yet they decide to hang out on the front porch!

I've been delaying opening our website and farm because our farmhouse doesn't yet look like we've been sitting on a retail goldmine in the interior decorating world. As we've gotten more and more absorbed in everyday farm life, I've come to realize our farmhouse will not be that picturesque farmhouse seen in the decor trend. If I wait until we get to this place, which we honestly probably never will, I'll have skipped over years of time we could have been passing on our knowledge and helping others. So, welcome to a real farmhouse! Real gardening, real raising livestock, real farm life!

I hope you will join us, ask plenty of questions, and learn something along the way.

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