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New Additions Everywhere ... Some Good, Some Not So

We have goats! Pictures of our latest additions courtesy of James and Melinda Knoll at Shoal River Hatchery. Boer Goats with some pretty dapples. They are really loving their new pasture.


We also started improving the hay barn this weekend to give our new babies some stalls. Before and after pictures are included. It was literally held together with bungees and old electrical wires when we bought the place! We didn't get as far as we wanted because of the weekend's cow escapades. Got two of the new gates up and the back wall completed ... progress!

Old makeshift gate of rusty cattle panel that overlaps the fence:

New gate that fits:

More old rusty cattle panels that were overlapped and held together as side walls with bungees and electrical wire:

New back wall for stalls:


And, for our last additions of the day .... These not so welcome critters! We've been battling army caterpillars in one of my garden beds the last 2 weeks. Today, it was tomato horn worms. I've neglected my garden the last two days to work on the barn and other projects around the farm. I ended up being invaded! They were fat and happy ... UNTIL they met the chickens and ducks! We cleared out 2 handfuls of them in about 10 minutes. I think they ate more of my tomatoes than I've gotten; however, I've still gotten enough to eat the last several days, so I won't complain too much!

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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