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American Guinea & Kunekune


We received our first 6 hogs for our pasture-raised pork system this past summer. We have two American Guinea and Kunekune cross sows as well as two purebred American Guinea guilts, one purebred American Guinea male, and one purebred Kunekune guilt.

They are very docile and easy to work with. They love grass which makes them perfect for our pastures. Both breeds are about half the size of a traditional pig breed. Their size is what makes them great for a homestead. They usually take 2-3 years to reach their full weight which tops out at about 200 pounds.  They do reach sexual maturity long before this, so piglets are born well before mom and dad are full grown.

Our pigs will solely be pasture-raised and grass-fed. The piglets will be available as they are weaned.

** We have a handful of piglets available currently.



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