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Katahdin/Dorper Crosses

Katahdins are hair sheep. The average Katahdin ewe weight is 120 to 160 pounds, and the ram's weight is 180 to 250. The Katahdin sheds its winter coat, and so does not have to be sheared, and katahdin's hair can come in any color. Katahdins do well on pasture, have a documented resistance to gastro-intestinal parasites, and are probably the best "all-around" breed of hair sheep.

All of our sheep are SOLELY pasture-raised on fresh Tifton hay and red clover. They are not fed grain, or feed, except the occasional treat. None of the males have been banded or castrated because they are solely grass-fed, no antibiotics, and our pastures are never sprayed or chemically added to. 

We are currently lambing and when available ram lambs will be $250 each. Weights vary, and all ram lambs are sold on hoof.

** We have a handful of ram lambs left for the 2022 season.

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