Currently, we hand-milk a wonderful Brown Swiss and a Jersey Devon Cross twice a day. Both cows have been on organic farms their entire lives. They were born on an organic farm in Colorado. They were purchased at 6 months old, and they spent the first 4 years of their lives with this wonderful family. Circumstances dictated the family move, and they unfortunately could not relocate the cows with them. Thus, ended my 3 year search for the perfect milk cows.

Jolene and Artemis are pasture-raised, grass-fed year round. At milking, they are supplemented with Chaffhaye, a non-GMO fermented alfalfa, and an occasional handful of non-GMO grain.  They have constant access to free choice minerals.

Our pastures are never sprayed, and we use a homemade all organic spray on the girls to help with fly control. The cows are cleaned off before milking. The milk is strained immediately and goes straight into the fridge to chill. We use stainless steel materials and clean them immediately after straining. Both girls have an amazing cream line and Artemis has an even more amazing butterfat content.

In compliance with Alabama State law, the milk is sold labeled "for animal consumption only". Milk is available by the gallon.

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