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Dexter cattle are a breed of cattle originating in Ireland. They are the smallest of the European cattle breeds. Dexters are half the size of a traditional Hereford and one-third the size of a Holstein milking cow. We chose the Dexter breed for our farm because of their small build. Dexters are easier on land erosion due to their smaller frames. Dexters are also horned allowing them to defend themselves against coyotes, calf well with little to no help, and are excellent mothers. Dexters are considered dual purpose cattle. They are a great breed for beef and milk, and we take full advantage of both!
All of our cattle are solely pasture-raised on fresh Tifton and clover. They are not fed grain, or feed, except for the occasionally treat. The males are not banded or castrated because they are grass-fed. Antibiotics are not utilized and our pastures are never sprayed or chemically added to. We run our farm as an organic farm. 
We are currently sold out of any available Dexters for the 2022 season. Please contact us to see what we may have upcoming.

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