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How We Got Here

We own a small 114 acre farm in Opp, AL. Our farm adventures began in 2016 with 4 chickens for my birthday. It was a continuation of our effort to start growing our own food and removing the remainder of preservatives and processed foods in our diet. 5 acres and 4 chickens have turned into what we have now: 200+ chickens, ducks, geese, an amazing herd of Dexter cattle, Katahdin hair sheep, Boer goats, Nubian goats, American Guinea Hogs, Kunekunes, 9 live stock guardian dogs, and a small army of barnyard cats,  ... eieio.

95% of our diet is organic, and 100% of our animals' diets are organic. They are all pasture-raised on Tifton hay, clover in the Spring, and occasionally spoiled with a small amount of organic feed and kitchen or garden scraps.

We have a passion for providing the best lives for our animals while working towards our self-sufficiency goals. Our ultimate goal is to have at least 90% of what we eat come off of our land primarily so we know what goes into the food that feeds our family. In the process, we'd love the chance to teach others through our failures and successes and ultimately grow enough to share with others who are interested in eating fresh, in season food off of the land with no antibiotics, preservatives, or chemicals. 

​We'd love it if you'd join us on our journey!

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